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Business English via Skype

Our school CosmoSkype is engaged in training business English. We have gained already a considerable experience in individual teaching of business English. The results of our students are always positive.

The primary objective of the program of business English - is to teach students to use the language in a business communication. It focuses on the development of communication skills that can occur in various situations of business communication, such as:

  • the organization of presentations;
  • the preparation and conduction of meetings;
  • business correspondence;
  • negotiations with foreign partners;
  • a fluent business communication by telephone;
  • drafting documents, certificates, certificates of international standard, etc.

business english skypePeople turn to us to study business English in order to use it for professional purposes: to do business abroad, communicate with foreign business partners, or to climb the career ladder.

Learning business English via Skype with an experienced teacher will help you to achieve good results in a short period of time, which fits very busy people: businessmen, directors, managers. Also, training with a teacher of business English training allows to focus on a certain area and to enlarge English vocabulary in certain fields or a particular industry.

After studying business English, you will be able to confidently hold meetings and presentations in English, to correspond, to do your paperwork correctly, to conduct telephone conversations properly, etc.

Our experts in business English

We picked the best specialists of business English, those who are experienced and know their business. Our teachers and business language trainers know how to structure classes for the biggest effectiveness of language training. They will give you the full knowledge of the foreign business lingo which will help you to achieve your ambitions.

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