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Step 1. Choose the language 

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What is Cosmoskype?
Cosmoskype is an international school for learning foreign languages via Skype. 
We offer you individual lessons with a tutor or lessons in mini-groups (2 students).

How do I choose a tutor?
At Cosmoskype you choose one tutor from the list. After that, you have a trial lesson. If you don’t like the trial lesson, you can choose another tutor and then get another lesson. So you can have as many trial lessons as you want, but only one trial per one teacher. After that, you should make a decision – who is the best teacher for you.

 How do I pay for the lessons?

If you want to have lessons for 50 min, you pay €10 per lesson. You pay for 10 lessons. So that you pay €100.
If you want to have lessons for 75 min, you pay €15 per lesson. You pay for 10 lessons. So that you pay €150.
Here is the payment link, you can use Visa or Master Card.

After the successful payment write to the manager about the amount you have sent.

 What if I have missed my lesson?

If there is no chance you can make for your lesson, you have to inform your tutor about it, not later than four hours before the start of the lesson, and we will transfer the lesson to another day.

 What if I missed my lesson and didn’t inform my teacher?

If you missed your lessons and didn’t inform your tutor, your lesson is considered to be spent and the payment for it is counted (the price of one 50 min lesson).

 How to make my lessons cheaper?

If you want to pay less for classes, find a friend and take your lessons together. The payment for each of you will be €8 for 50 min lesson.


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