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English via Skype with CosmoSkype

Skype English lessons have proved to be the most rapid, efficient and easy way to learn a foreign language.
During a lesson via Skype, you are communicating with our experienced teachers who have a degree in English philology.

english via skypeWe offer you a wide range of programs:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Accent reduction
  • Preparing for the TOEFL and IELTS
  • English via Skype for beginners
  • English via Skype for children
  • and many others, as well as an individual program for each student.

Our aim is to teach you to use language correctly and make your speaking not only understandable but also pleasant to listen to.

During live Skype English lessons, your teacher can send you messages so you can see how to spell new words, as well as to work on grammar exercises and correct mistakes in your tests. If you have a webcam you can also see each other.

english skype

Join us right now, not only because Skype English lessons are convenient, but also because our students have achieved a great success in the shortest time. Many of our students have joined in with us on the recommendation of their friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Learning English via Skype is a new modern trend which allows to simplify the educational process and to make it available for those, who have an access to the Internet.

Today there is nothing to do without English: almost all employers want their employees to know a foreign language, and the higher the level, the likely he or she will get promoted. It should be noted that every year the requirements of the various companies to the knowledge of English are becoming stricter. Many employers monitor the level not only of the professional skills of workers but also their language skills, so they can keep up with foreign colleagues and partners.

Online Skype English lessons make it easy to improve knowledge, learn new languages and to constantly move forward in its development. english skype lessons

In addition, learning English via Skype is very useful, because an intellectual work involves different areas of the brain which are responsible for a human development. It is well-known that creative people live much longer and achieve satisfaction. If you travel frequently and visit different parts of the world, a basic knowledge of English will help you to avoid awkward situations and misunderstandings. English will help you to make friends and acquaintances all over the world.

CosmoSkype is the right place to learn English via Skype with the best teachers!

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