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 Alexandra A

English Teacher

Speaking English, Business English, Exams Preparation
Alexandra has been working as a tutor for more than 5 years. With great success she conducts lessons for upper-intermediate and advanced levels and develops students’ speaking fluency. Moreover, Alexandra can help you pass entrance tests or international exams. The usage of various interactive methods and modern techniques makes her lessons truly entertaining and effective. From the very first lesson a student gets rid of the language barrier. Alexandra is not only an extremely positive and sociable person, but also a great specialist.


german via skype

 Maria P

German Teacher

Speaking German, Business German, Preparation for International and Entrance Exams and other special courses.
Maria has not only higher philological education, but also attended professional development courses in Aachen / Germany, where she received a certificate with honors. She has a significant experience in language practice, which she obtained during her stay in Germany. Maria has been working as a tutor for more than 7 years. Her lessons are rich in different forms of work, such as audio and video files, combined and case lessons. Her experience as a tutor is more than 8 years. Maria is a positive thinking, friendly and sociable person. As a teacher shows creativity, responsibility, as well as an individual approach to each student.


english via skype

 Helen G

English Teacher

Speaking English, Business English, Preparation for International Exams
The teacher has 2 degrees, completed an English language course in the British Council, a preparation course for the international language exam CAE, courses for English teachers on CELTA methodology. She had been living in Canada for a long time and has an excellent command of English. In addition, Elena successfully passed an IELTS exam. Elena has been working as a tutor for more than 8 years. Her students make great progress and get wonderful results on international exams, entrance tests to foreign universities and different kinds of interviews in English. Elena is a teacher by vocation, who is patient and responsible. Also, she is a very cheerful, interesting and pleasant person.


english via skype with native teacher

 Joseph R

Native Teacher

Speaking English, Business English, Preparation for International Exams

My name is Joe.

I am an online English teacher. I'm a Communications graduate from the University of the Philippines.

I can teach all levels of English in a very easy, fun and fast way, from Basic Grammar to Business English. I also do TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Test System) practice and Accent Training. 


spanish via skype

 Olga D

Spanish Teacher

Speaking Spanish, Business Spanish, various special courses.
Olga is Master of Arts in Spanish and a great marketing specialist. She lived in Ecuador and had the practice of communicating only in Spanish. The teacher has successfully passed the DELE exam (Diploma español lengua extranjera). She teaches general conversational, business and medical courses. Olga does her best to make lessons engaging. Thus, in addition to the communicative technique, she uses such an interesting method as mnemonics, which helps students memorize words in no time. Olga is not only a positive, friendly and sympathetic person, but also a persistent and purposeful teacher, sincerely interested in your result.


english via skype

 Viktoria C

English Teacher

American English, Special Courses, Exams Preparation
Victoria is fluent in American English. Received an IELTS certificate. She studied in the USA and Canada (UFV, CANADA; CFNI, USA). During a long stay in these countries, she gained significant experience in the practice of language in an English-speaking environment. Victoria is a responsible and organized person, who works hard to achieve the goal. At the same time, she is patient and willing to help students. She helps students overcome the language barrier, makes them confident in success.


english and french

 Katherine V

English and French Teacher

Courses for children, Speaking English/ French, Business English/ French
Katherine has higher pedagogical education (teacher of French and English, a translator). She has been teaching for more than 2 years. The teacher also has a positive experience with children and teenagers. Katherine develops interesting, effective classes using communicative methods and pays great attention to students’ individual needs and wishes. Communicability, concentration and quick reaction help Katherine keep students interested in studying, motivate and work productively with them.


german via skype

 Tatyana G

German Teacher

Speaking German, Business German, Preparation for International Exams
Tatyana has higher linguistic education and more than 15 years professional experience. Also for a long period of time she had been living and working in Germany, where she had a chance to practice her language skills with native speakers. Tatyana prepares students for such international exams as Goethe Zertifikat (a1, a2, b1, b2) and TestDaf. During the lessons the teacher makes use of a communicative method. Her lessons are interactive, interesting and effective. Tatyana is a very sociable, benevolent person and a responsible teacher, ready to work hard to get a result.


german skype

 Anna C

German Teacher

General German Course, Speaking German
Anna has higher pedagogical education (the teacher of German), which she obtained in Pomeranian University in Słupsk (Poland), on the faculty of neophilology, which specializes in German studies. Anna is fluent in German, English and Polish. The teacher works both via Skype and in a traditional classroom. She has visited Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden, where Anna gained experience in language practice with native speakers. Anna is a very responsible, purposeful and creative teacher.


german via skypeSvitlana K.

 German Teacher & English Teacher

Hi! I’m Svitlana. I’ve been working about 20 years as a teacher of German and English in the State Technological University.

I think my biggest advantage is my experience. I worked with both young and elder people and I can find an individual approach in spite of the age. Also, I can teach both beginners and students of Advanced level of learning.
As for my personal qualities, I am experienced and punctual, creative, kind in relations and communicative.




english via skype


Helen K.

English Teacher & German Teacher

 Hello everybody, who wants to study foreign languages. My name is Helen and I am a teacher of English and German. 

My strengths are:
- two tertiary qualifications;
- practical training in Freie universität in Berlin;
- five-year experience in teaching English and German (group sessions, individual lessons, and Skype lessons);
- experience in working with Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and other learning materials;
- preparation for entering universities abroad;
- teaching in different fields: law, business, economics, medicine;
- state exams preparation;

french via skype

Tanya S.

French Teacher

 Hello! My name is Tatyana and I am a teacher of French. This language became a part of my life because the communication on it gives me a real pleasure. However, the biggest pleasure gives me the process of teaching French. 

During 10 years of my life, I had an opportunity to go to France and stay there during 5 months each year. When I came the first time, I was a small child and only 4 words «Oui. Non. Bonjour. Merci» were in my vocabulary. But, I loved this country, culture, and language, so I started to learn it with pleasure. Each year I improved the knowledge of this language and it became for me like a mother tongue. I wanted to discuss everything only in French because it is not only a set of words and phrases but the song from the mouths of French.
French was so interesting for me, that I started to learn also Quebec French. Quebec is a French province in Canada, where they like and respect French language very much. However, the pronunciation slightly differs from the French, which we get used to. Nevertheless, the study of it is pretty exciting.
I want to pass on to all my students the experience and the knowledge that I have gained in communicating with native speakers.
Waiting for you on my classes!


english lessons via skypeAlexandra L.

English Teacher & German Teacher

Hi, everybody!

I think learning English should be interesting and funny. If a student enjoys what he is doing his learning will be much more effective. That’s why I try to make every lesson unique. I focus on finding the individualized approach to every student, to make him feel relaxed. My English lessons are intensive to manage to do a lot at the lesson. We will practice your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills as much as possible. I will encourage you to learn English by using different interesting materials. I will do my utmost to make you speak English confidently and correctly.
So, let’s try learning. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



english lessons via skypeMaxym V.

English Teacher

Hello, everybody! My name is Maxym and I am a teacher of English.

Language is a means of communication. And English is the first international language. My main task is to share my knowledge, help people to improve themselves. Nowadays, speaking English is not a privilege, but a usual thing. If you study this language, you will be able to speak in any part of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tourist or a businessman. We are going to work on your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. I can teach you all major aspects of English. You will become a successful person after finishing our course. In my work, I use different methods and approaches. Here are some of them:

  • Communicative Method
  • English-Only Approach
  • Cognitive Approach
  • Audio-lingual Method
  • Comprehension Approach

But all my methods are based on an individual approach. I work with every student in a different way no matter how high or low level of English he has. So don’t be shy and open yourself to the great world of English.
See you on my classes!

english skype lessons


Paul L.

English, Polish and Spanish Teacher

Hello! My name is Paul. I have been teaching Polish, Spanish, and English for more than 3 years and I am happy to offer you my own effective method of teaching, proven with time and experience.
One-year practice at a language school in Poland as a teacher of English and Spanish, as well as my long stay abroad allow me to combine effective scientific approach with developing your practical skills of using spoken language in the different real-life communicative situations.
I am a sociable and easy going person. The main task for me as a teacher is opening the door into a wide and free world without language barriers for you. For several years I have been working on creating my own teaching system, which develops your ability to speak a foreign language quickly and effectively. Many students have already appreciated its merits. Are you curious? Then I am waiting for you at my classes!!!


english on skypeMichael P.

English Teacher & Business English Teacher


Hello, friends! My name is Michael. 

I’ve been teaching English for more than 7 years and developed my personal approach to teaching English, it proved to be very quick and effective.
Except of foreign philology, I have educations in engineering and finance (Kyiv Mohyla Academy), that’s why I can effectively help to study English for the spheres:
• general English,
• business English,
• English for management,
• English for MBA,
• English for different technical professions.

My approach is creative and communicative. I develop programs and materials individually. I also use advanced teaching technologies, as a Communicative method, Callan’s method, the method of parallel translators, Parallel texts method etc.
My students are always satisfied, as our classes are held in а friendly and positive atmosphere, the results of our work are always high.
I’ll be glad to help you in studying English,
so, don’t hesitate to achieve your goals together!
You are welcome! 


And many other teachers...


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