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polish skypeThis is an unusual and distinctive language. Over 45 million people speak Polish. Except Poland, Polish is spoken in Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, North and South America.

Polish on Skype is a popular and affordable way of language learning not only for those who are just starting to learn it but also for people who already have some speaking skills.

The study of the Polish language on Skype is built on an integrated approach to the development of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation of the Polish language and the development of its perception by ear.
The training program is provided for different levels of knowledge and can be selected according to your needs.

Our experienced skype teachers will help you to learn the Polish language from scratch, using an integrated approach to learning. The program aims to examine all aspects - vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, as well as the development of all necessary language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking
Within a short time, those who are willing to overcome the language barrier will be able to do it and gain the necessary communication skills, expand their vocabulary and get maximum speaking practice. Students will be offered fascinating topics for discussion in Polish with working real-life situations.
CosmoSkype is the right company with highly professional teachers, up-to-date techniques and a wide range of learning materials (textual, audio, video, multimedia).

There are following courses at CosmoSkype:

1. General Course
The course is designed for students who want to study a foreign language for the very beginning or whose goal is to continue their studies up to a certain level. You will learn such language skills as reading, shopping, speaking, listening, writing.

2. Polish for Tourists
This course is for those people who travel often and obtain language proficiency at a high level. It includes such everyday situations as city communication, in a hotel, making acquaintances, shopping, etc.

3. Business Course
Taking this course, you are going to learn negotiation rules, obtain business presentation skills, hold or attend business meetings, will be able to write business letters, resumes (CVs) etc.

4. Preparation for International Exams
Our company offers preparation courses for international certification  Certificate Examination in Polish as a Foreign Language (Certyfikat z Języka Polskiego jako Obcego).


They say, the more languages you know, the more you are a man. Nowadays this saying is especially topical because we live in the era of globalization. If you want to be a successful professional in your sphere, make contacts with Polish companies, CosmoSkype is the place. Besides, Poland is a magnificent country with lots of wonders worth visiting. This is why you need to get in and become a member of CosmoSkype.

Join us and make yourself a perfect Polish speaker really soon!

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