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 Learning French via Skype

French is one of the most widespread languages in the world. Skype is a cheap and accessible way to learn it. And it is a convenient way to learn French with Native Speaker.

It is an official language not only in France but also in many African countries. It is one of two official languages in Canada.

We have a great team of tutors who will help you to master French within a short period of time.

French is a challenging language, but our teachers will guide you and explain all major aspects.

Different modern techniques, audio and video materials are used to explain difficult moments.

Learning French online with CosmoSkype is a great opportunity to master a foreign language.


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We offer following programs of French via Skype:


General Program
This is a very high-level program of training of students. From beginners who want to learn the basics of the French language, to students with grammar and conversational skills. Communication with the teacher will refresh and strengthen existing knowledge. You will learn to read, perceive it by ear, speak and write competently. The knowledge gained will help you to explain yourself in a French-speaking country, find their way to local attractions and so on. Soon you will be able to read books in the original and watch movies without translation.


French for Traveling
The program for those who dream to speak French in a short time and to use their knowledge for the journey in French-speaking countries. You can easily maintain a dialogue on common topics, not remain without the help of the hotel, airport, restaurant, not to get lost on a walk through the city, etc. No restrictions and boundaries! Do not waste your precious time - sign up for French language lessons online today, and very soon you will be able to realize your dream of traveling!


French for Business
Business French Program is available for those who need a language for business communication. After completing the course, you will be able to communicate and negotiate with French-speaking partners, to write business letters, to compile a resume.


French Certificates DELF, DALF
With our online French lessons, you can prepare for a successful exam to obtain key certifications.

The program includes DELF Level 1 (A1-A2); DELF 2nd level (B1-B2); DALF (C1-C2).

CosmoSkype is the right place to learn French - “the language of love”. We provide you with highly professional teachers and native speakers.

Order "French Skype" and you will take a trial lesson right now and learn the wonderful language with us!

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