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Internet technologies which help to learn English via Skype

Modern people don't always have spare time to attend foreign language courses. The innovative technologies permit to get the knowledge without leaving your home. 

Today the English language is used everywhere – business, traveling, science, studying, Internet, cinematography, etc. Nowadays lots of children, pupils, students and adults persistently learn English. If children can learn English at school, then which option have adults, who work all the time and are very short of time? The solution is learning English by Skype. All you need is a computer, an access to the Internet and motivation.

Most people can hardly imagine how it’s possible to study via Skype when hundreds or even thousands of kilometers separate you and your tutor. English lessons via Skype are almost the same as private ones. The only difference is that your tutor is on the other side of the screen. Advances in computer software technology will help to explain new themes, drill, revise and practice grammar rules.

Google Docs is a service for remote and team-work. This service will help you to create online documents, spreadsheets, presentations and work at them with other users. You can set a limited access to the documents for certain people (just for reading or for collaborative editing). During Skype English lessons, you can also easily use this service. You and all other participants (teacher and students) will be able to write and edit online files, created with this program, from anywhere.

PowerPoint – is a program designed to create and show presentations. Using this program a teacher can create different presentations with new lexical and grammatical materials or use material for revision. With PowerPoint, you can carry out listening comprehensions (texts, dialogues), watch movies in the original language, arrange tests and perform various types of exercises. All this can be сombine in one or series of presentations. It is important that this way of presenting a new material is very easily understood and increases the interest to learn a foreign language. As a result, online lessons are more entertaining and exciting.

Skype is a multifunctional program, which connects people all over the world. Skype has lots of useful options, one of them is a screen sharing. Due to it a teacher can show his monitor and comment all actions he performs. It makes a participation effect thus hundreds of kilometers which separate you, vanish in a flash. Skype has many advantages for learning English online. It saves your time and money and it is a great and convenient way to learn a language with a native speaker. Having analyzed additional advantages of online studying you also realize that it’s an effective, exciting and modern way to improve your knowledge.

Lessons via Skype - how does it work?

The teacher and a student agree with the schedule beforehand and make a call at a fixed time. The duration of the lesson depends on the age and other preferences of the student. Recommended duration is 1-1,5 hours, 3 times a week. Preparing for exams or tests you can study more intensively, but don’t forget to have a rest because overwork can have bad consequences.

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english via skype


english skype


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