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When is it better to have a Native Speaker?

Today it becomes popular to have a native speaking teacher, to break the language barrier. A native speaker is a person for whom the language is a mother-tongue and he can easily immerse you in a language environment. A native speaker is proficient in a language and has a teaching certificate. If he is a top-level teacher you can not only improve your pronunciation but enlarge vocabulary significantly.
But when you are at the very beginning, classes with a native speaker would be ineffective. You won’t be able to ask again or ask to explain in your native language.

On the very first stage, one should be taught basics of phrases composition, grammar rules and lots of new unknown words. It’s better to start learning with a bilingual teacher and only after you gain a basic level you can take lessons with a native speaker. It’s very important to start when you are really ready. When you can understand your teacher without translation and explain yourself easily.

However, you can learn lingo from the very beginning even with a native speaker on condition that he knows your language. This way a teacher can explain rules, draw a parallel between source and target languages. 

If you have Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level, a native speaking teacher can help you to master your lingo. There is a special language environment during lessons with a native speaker and you have to use lingo to speak with your teacher, otherwise he will not understand you. All these improve your speaking skills and pronunciation, enlarge slang vocabulary and stimulate spoken language because you cannot use your native language. Also, lessons with a native speaker would be useful for those who already speak a foreign language. It helps to improve your skills and it’s a great speaking practice.

This method can guarantee 100% result, but not everyone can go abroad for a long period of time or attend expensive courses. In this case, online school will give you a chance to learn lingo with a native speaker and to immerse in foreign language environment without leaving your home. Lessons via Skype with a native speaker is a great opportunity to master speaking skills and feel the language as it is. Online learning will help to realize that you can easily use a lingo and break language barrier completely. The main advantage of online learning over usual courses is that you can choose or change your tutor at any stage of your learning.

Learning with a native speaker is a highly effective method. However keep in mind that you should be ready for such communication because a foreign teacher does not understand your language.

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