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Learning Italian via Skype

italian skypeSkype Italian lessons is a comfortable, interesting and cheap way to learn a language. In a few lessons with Italian CosmoTeacher, you will gain amazing results. In 2-3 weeks you will be able to speak Italian. But there is one condition – you should take Skype lessons seriously and make your best to learn the foreign language.

From the very first Italian lessons via Skype we teach students conversational Italian. During lessons teachers correct pronunciation of Italian words and foster oral skills and develop audio perception.

People say that Italian is one of the most difficult languages to learn because of its grammar. It’s not a problem for our teachers! They will explain all rules in lay language. Any difficult rule can be easily explained and memorized due to diagrams, graphic tables, and pictures. All new grammar rules and knowledge are strengthened by exercises and different tasks.

Thanks to Skype lessons everyone can learn Italian easily and with a great joy. Many audio and video materials are used, and all difficult moments are discussed in the online lessons.


Choose the most appropriate course of Italian:

1. General Program
This course of Italian is good for both the freshers and those who have learned the language before.
General Program offers to practice grammar, mastering writing, speaking and developing audio perception.

2. Italian for Traveling
Italian for Traveling is a short course for those who are going to visit Italy or another Italian-speaking country. Shortly we will prepare you for the live communication abroad. This course includes the most common situations which can happen during your vacation. For the most common situations, our teachers have prepared dialogues and useful words to enlarge your vocabulary.

3. Italian for Business
Are you working at an international company or carrying out international projects? Do you need Italian to negotiate with partners and hold business correspondence? If so, then this is exactly italian skypewhat you need! This course is aimed to master all necessary skills for working process.

4. Get Ready to CILS
CILS (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) is an international certificate which confirms knowledge of Italian of non-native speakers. It is valid in Italy and other countries of European Community. Many Italian universities accept this certificate.

Join us on CosmoSkype right now and enjoy learning Italian via Skype!

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