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Do you need the best teacher and the best price?
You are in the right place! It's CosmoSkype!
CosmoSkype is your chance to have private lessons with the best bilingual teacher or native speaker.
We save your money as our methods are the most effective.
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CosmoSkype - private lessons via Skype

CosmoSkype is an internationalenglish skype online school, where you learn foreign languages with the best teachers via Skype in private.

It can be a bilingual teacher or a native speaker.
Wherever you live, you can study at CosmoSkype and get tremendous skills in English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish etc.

With CosmoSkype you have an opportunity to:

  • Choose a teacher for yourself
  • Adjust learning English by Skype (or another language) to your particular way of living and schedule
  • Save your time and money
  • Together with a teacher you can frame an individual program according to your needs and ability.

English via Skype (Spanish via Skype or Russian via Skype or French, German via Skype etc.) – is for those, who:english skype

  • have no time to visit teachers or attend courses;
  • have been learning the language for a while, but still can’t speak well;
  • have never had a chance to practice oral skills with native speakers;
  • want to refresh their knowledge of English or to improve it.

 English with CosmoSkype

english skypeWe propose Skype English lessons for everyone, who needs to master his or her skills in English. And for those who want to start learning English. 

We will help you to break the barrier which hinders in communication.
Are you looking for 'English Skype'? Here it is -  CosmoSkype!
Our Skype English lessons are effective from the first classes.

English Skype – is the most convenient, flexible, fruitful and the easiest way for everyone to learn English. The great thing is that our lessons are cheap and you don’t have to spend money on transport and books. Enjoy interactive Skype English lessons with an experienced teacher, one to one online!

There are even more advantages! It doesn’t matter where you are – at your job, a car, a backyard or at home – you can always join in with Skype English lessons. You can do it anytime you have a gap in your schedule. And the cozy atmosphere of your native place will help you to relax.english skype

Start learning English (German, French, Russian, Italian etc.) via Skype right now and you will notice the change: you will speak the foreign language with more confidence and you will understand the lively talk of representatives of foreign countries. The result will be visible!

 Have a try! You will be a winner in your social life with CosmoSkype! (Look Step 1).



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